O'Keefe & Merritt Antique Vintage Stove 36" Custom Color Red Porcelain & Chrome


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36" Red O'Keefe & Merritt Stove

This antique classic stove comes with a chrome stove top with 4 burners, chrome griddle with thermostat, right-side oven, broiler under oven, culinary chart, cook light, power outlet, cooking chart on oven door, left-side storage/warming area


Cookin in Sacramento CA

Left & Right Side of Stove

Showing chrome stove top with restored trim ring

Chrome Stove Top - burner knobs & Robertshaw and handles

Showing storage & oven door open

Showing broiler door open showing chrome broiler pan and door arms

Crumb & Grease trays pulled out and showing knobs & handles

We even restore the burner knobs and Robertshaw thermostat knob



Culinary chart, power outlet, light switch and emblem

Showing light switch and outlet --O'Keefe & Merritt emblem and chart

Doors open

Left side storage/warming oven right side oven with broiler under oven

Close up of the oven door cooking chart ------- Close up of Porcelain Burner Head & Grate

Top lifts up for easy cleaning

Notice we even chrome the bar that holds the stove top up

Showing burners and valves


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