Glossary Of Stove Parts

This page is to help your identify your parts

The CP Logo

This indicates that the stove has a safety system for the oven / broiler.

CP is not the name brand of a stove.

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The grate is the part that you set your pots and pans on.

(shown is a Wedgewood stove grate.)

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Burner Heads

The burner heads is where the flame comes out of for the stove top.

(shown are burner heads for O'Keefe & Merritt stoves)

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Simmer Cap

The simmer cap is the center silver part that gives you a simmer flame.

(Shown is a O'Keefe & Merritt burner)

We can restore your simmers caps as well as reporcelain your burner heads or grates.

We sell new simmer cap for O'Keefe & Merritt - Wedgewood - Western Holly click here to view the parts

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Flash Tubes and Burner Pilot

The flash tubes (in this photo are silver/aluminum) are the tubes that set into the pilot holder

The pilot holder and pilot are shown in the center of the photo

Showing is a Wedgewood pilot assembly.

Burner Valves & Manifold

The burner valve is to open and close the flow of gas to the burner head.

The Manifold is the pipe that the burner valves and thermostat are attached to.

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Roper O'Keefe & Merritt Wedgewood Western Holly Tappan Gaffers & Sattler and many more

Burner knob

The burner knob is to turn on and off the burner valve.

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O'Keefe & Merritt Wedgewood Western Holly and many other name brands

2 Burner Stove Top Section

This is a 2 burner stove top section

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(photo is a showing 2 burner stove top section for a vintage Wedgewood stove)


Burner Drip Pan

The burner drip pans set into the stove top and the grates set on top of the drip pans.

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(photo is a showing drip pan for a Classic Wedgewood stove)


The griddle is to grill food.

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(photo is a showing griddle for a Classic O'Keefe & Merritt antique stove)

Griddle thermostat gage

The Griddle thermostat gage allows you to know what heat you are cooking at.

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(photo is a showing griddle thermostat for a Retro O'Keefe & Merritt stove)

Clock Manual Setting

The setting on the knob in the 9 O'clock setting is where your knob needs to be for manual cooking.

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Thermostat knob

The thermostat knob is to set your temperature for the oven.

(Shown is a Robertshaw thermostat knob)

We can restore most thermostat knobs or rebuild your thermostat. Click here

Thermostat & Capillary line

The THERMOSTAT is the part behind the thermostat knob. That regulates the temperature for the oven. The Capillary line is the copper wire at the back of the thermostat that will attach to the inside of the oven.

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Robertshaw Grayson Wilcolator and many others

Safety Valve & Thermocouple

The safety valve is to open the flow of gas into your oven after being set, or shuts the flow of gas into your oven if pilot goes out.
The thermocouple is the copper wire that threads to the top of the safety valve (as shown in this photo) and will go into you pilot assembly

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we can rebuild most name brands of safety Robertshaw Grayson and many other name brands.

Oven Pilot assembly Thermocouple and Oven Burner

The thermocouple is on the far left next to the pilot assembly. The oven burner is to the far right.

For replacement thermocouples click here

Oven Rack


The oven rack is where you set your baking pans/dishes on inside the oven.

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Broiler Pan

The broiler pan has 2 pieces the top (as shown is chrome) and the bottom pan is porcelain

that the broiler top sets on top of.

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Control Panel

The control panel is where the knobs are.
(Shown is an O'Keefe & Merritt double oven 6 burners antique gas stove)

Oven Door Handle

The door handles is what you use to open the doors.

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O'Keefe & Merritt Wedgewood Western Holly and many other name brands

Pull out crumb trays

The crumb trays pull out from the control panel for easy cleaning of food.

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O'Keefe & Merritt Grillevator Broiler

Here is a page to explain how the O'Keefe & Merritt Grillevator works.

O'Keefe & Merritt Grillevator

Heat Vent

The Vent Cover(s) sets on top back of the stove or the back panel and the vent covers the hole from where the heat of the oven or broiler vents.

Shown is a O'Keefe & Merritt replacement Heat Vent.

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