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New Old Stove Parts for Your Antique Gas Stove

The parts shown below are new old stock.

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AGS-OS58 - On & Off Rounded Corners Light Switch order form

Robertshaw Thermostat Knob

Part number AGSOS1 order form

Tappan/Wilcolator Thermosat Knob

Part number AGSOS2 order form

Wilcolator Oven Control Thermostat Knob

Part number AGSOS3 order form

Wilcolator Oven Thermostat Knob Black

AGSOS4 order form

Selector Knob Tappan Deluxe

Part number AGSOS5 order form

Oven Door Handle End Cap Chrome

Part Number AGSOS6L Left order form

Part Number AGSOS6R Right order form

Oven Door Hanlde End Cap White Plastic

Part Number AGSOS7L Left order form

Tappan Chrome Ring for Selector Knob

AGSOS8 order form

Tappan/Frigidaire Selector Knob

Part Number AGSOS9 order form

Tappan Selector Dial

Part Number AGSOS10 order form

Tappan Selector Dial

Part Number AGSOS11 order form

Tappan Selector Dial

Part Number AGSOS12 order form

3 Piece Tappan Knob Front

Part Number AGSOS13F order form

3 Piece Tappan Knob Front

Part Number AGSOS13R order form

Tappan Griddle Knob

Part Number AGSOS17 order form

Tappan Selector Knob

Part Number AGSOS14 order form

2 Piece Tappan Burner Knob Ring

Part Number AGSOS15 order form

2 Piece Tappan Tempeture Dial

Part Number AGSOS16 order form

New Old Stock

Maytag Dutch Oven Stove/Range Complete Set Of Knobs with Red Rings

AGS-OS101- order form

Roper Burner Knob (new old stock)

Part number AGSU41F FRONT order form

Part number AGSU41R REAR order form

AGS-OS82 - Robertshaw Safety Valve order form

AGS-OS83 - Safety Valve order form


AGS-OS84 - Robertshaw Thermostat order form

all sales final