40" Gaffers & Sattler Factory Yellow






Gaffers & Sattler Stove

40" Gaffers & Sattler factory yellow 4 burners with thermal eye and burner timer griddle with 5th burner

(left side Oven & Broil-A-Vator Broiler with Rotisserie) Right side oven 2nd broiler under right oven.


Gaffers Clock & Timer

close up of burner head and grate showing the beautiful chrome stove top and drip pan


Showing the restored knobs and chrome stove top

The top left burner has a burner timer


This Gaffers & Sattler stove has a griddle cover that fits into the back of the griddle

and has a griddle shield attached to keep grease from splattering, under griddle is 5th burner

Showing 5th Burner

5th Burner and automatic grease catcher the light on the

Tel-A-Tronice Center light up when the grease catch is full

Showing the Perma- View Glass doors

Oven doors open

Doors open showing chrome hinges chrome racks, broiler pan


Oven Sentinel Meat Probe

2nd Broiler under oven


Showing left side and right side of oven

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